Solving Canada’s housing crisis one Flex Haus™ at a time!

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Finding affordable housing is a persistent struggle in Canada, but Ironstone’s Flex Haus™ can provide a solution. This innovative housing solution, which won the 2023 OHBA Innovation Award, was inspired by The Self Funding House™, a book about affordable housing. By adding accessory dwelling units to single-family homes, individuals can become landlords and run their business while helping to alleviate the housing crisis.  

The issue of affordable housing and the shortage of rentals is a major challenge for Canadians, but products like the Flex Haus™ offer quick and efficient solutions. Developers and municipalities can learn from this innovation and make a significant impact on the housing crisis.  

That is why we have teamed up with Drewlo Holdings. We are dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions—our Rent. Save. Own program is available for the Flex Haus™, allowing individuals to transition from tenant to homeowner and landlord, offsetting mortgage costs. For every month spent renting with Drewlo Holdings, tenants receive $350 – for a maximum of $10,000 – towards purchasing a brand new home or townhome from The Ironstone Building Company.   

If you’re searching for affordable housing, explore the Flex Haus™ solution today and contribute to solving Canada’s housing crisis.