How to ensure your home’s safety in the winter

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how to snow proof your house ironstone building company london ontario

Winter has arrived in full force and the outside of your new Ironstone house bears the brunt of it. Here’s what you can do to make sure your home is snow-proof and ready to take on the worst of the cold weather.

1. Check those outside vents!
Make sure your furnace and hot water tank vents are clear of snow. You can save yourself an expensive service call just by making sure they’re not blocked.

2. And your furnace filter 
While you’re at it, change your furnace filter too. A clean filter is more efficient – very important for those winter months when energy use soars.

3. Have gutters? Clean ’em
Leaves and debris can get into your gutters and clog them up. Clean them out, or hire someone to do it for you, so that the melting snow has somewhere to go.

frozen hose you tube4. The hose has to go 
Drain your hose and store it inside to prevent damage. While you’re at it, shut off your outside taps so that they don’t freeze.

5. Drain birdbaths and fountains
It’s a good idea to drain anything that holds liquid because once it freezes, the ice can cause cracking and damage.

6. Use the right ice melter
Do your research and get the best ice melter for your driveway. Salt can be corrosive, but there are other options like calcium chloride.

plastic shovel7. Get the right shovel
Use a plastic snow shovel to prevent damaging your driveway. Plus, it’s way lighter!

8. Get a good front mat
Keep the salt and snow off your flooring by protecting it with a good quality front mat.